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Our Canvas Treatments

The bigger the better! Sometimes, ideas can come in big bulks and we at Artique Studio would love to bring these super size concepts to life with our Large Canvas Prints!


Corporate Illustration

Lomography Effect



Hobby Collage

For a more fun family portrait, why not

superimpose your pictures in an imaginary dreamscape as we have done in this photo.

A unique design treatment that will definitely make your ordinary office photos into a perfect and more interesting wall display at work!

Trends of using mobile camera applications with default effects

such as lomo, fish-eye or sepia can be applied to canvas too.  Recreate that vintage feel for your large canvas!

A picture really conveys a thousand words. Choose this effect to add a contemporary feel to your portrait!

An electrifying composition that mixes

photos, colors, shapes and graphics

resulting in an eye-catching and vibrant design.

A simple corporate guy on weekdays and a devoted photographer during his free time! Showcase the activities and hobbies that you enjoy by combining them into one artwork!

Think Big! Print Big!

Make a room more inviting with images that make you happy. Bring us your family portraits, hobby pictures and your travel photos too and we'll do something great with them.


From simple clean-up and color enhancements to extensive composition, we'll do our best to keep those special moments alive!

Original image

Superimposed, printed

on canvas and canvas


Framing Options

We often put the photos we take into frames as a way of displaying and drawing attention to our favorite photos. Giving photographs and images a sense of depth and layers. At Artique, we take it a step further by providing you with different framing choices for your large canvas prints.

2 inch by 1 inch

Canvas Wrap

Thicker and sturdier framing for large print sizes.

Special Double Framing

Our special framing creates a different accent around your canvas print. All of our frames are hand-crafted and you can even see the raw textures of the wood we use.

1 inch by 1 inch

Canvas Wrap

1 inch by 1 inch Canvas Wrap +

Wooden Frame

Regular framing for smaller canvas sizes like 22 x 22 cm, 32 x 32 cm and 45 x 45 cm.

A more interesting option for framing that combines our regular canvas wrap with another layer of 1 x 1 raw wood frame.

How to Care for your Canvas Prints

Many of our clients would often ask us the lifespan of a digital canvas print. Canvas prints will only be fully protected from any and all damage if they are ideally stored away in the dark. Unfortunately, this would defeat the purpose of being able to view the prints and to enjoy them in their surroundings so the following tips will also enable you to fully appreciate the canvas prints displayed.


1) Avoid placing the canvas print in direct sunlight and keeping as much sunlight away

from the artwork as possible. Soft lighting is to be recommended ideally whenever artificial light has to be used such as in hotels and offices.


2) Humidity can damage canvas prints greatly. High humidity within an area can cause mold and mildew in places on the canvas print. Mold and mildew can completely destroy good artwork so humidity needs to be kept very low within the area where the canvas prints are placed. If your room or area has too much humidity you would need to look at and check the ventilation and make possible changes to lower the humidity levels.


3) Removing dust is just as important in maintaining and caring for canvas art prints. Avoid a cloth which is rough and heavy to wipe away the dust and on no account must polish or chemicals be used to get rid of the dust. You can also use your vacuum cleaner, just use with the brush head to easily remove any dust particles on your canvas.


Your canvas print will look fantastic and be admired by all if you take the time and effort to maintain and care for your print as suggested. You will be able to enjoy and reap the benefits for many years to come.


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